lundi 23 octobre 2017

Horseball à Fieracavalli de Vérone

Fieracavalli : Le retour du Horseball
Le Horseball, sport d'équipe qui combine le rythme du basket-ball et le dynamisme du rugby, après 17 ans est de retour à Fieracavalli de Vérone avec un événement international de haut niveau: la FIHB KEP Horseball Master
Parrainé par la Fédération internationale des Horseball (FIBH) en collaboration avec la Fédération des sports équestre italienne (IFES), voit dans la course 24 parmi les meilleurs joueurs du monde en provenance de France, Espagne, Belgique, Portugal et Italie. En effet du 26 au 29 octobre, la carrière situé dans Area A (à l'entrée de la foire) du Parc des Expositions de VeronaFiere devient le terrain de la compétition pour les champions tels que Gil Carbones, Mikel Le Gall, Valentine Descamps et Justine Ammann qui, avec leur équipe, se disputeront une boule fermée par six poignées en cuir pour essayer de faire autant de paniers possible. Chaque jeu, en deux temps de la duré de 10 minutes chacun, est très spectaculaire, car aucun joueur ne peut tenir le ballon pendant plus de dix secondes et, pour le ramasser du sol, les Chevaliers et les Amazones sont forcés de glisser sur le côté de la selle, donnant naissance à des véritables figures acrobatiques.
Le retour de ce sport, inspiré par le « Pato » argentin et conçu en France dans les années 30, confirme Fieracavalli, une nouvelle fois, la capitale du sport équestre.

dimanche 8 octobre 2017



More than 60% of buyers travelling from abroad. The event confirms its status as the global hub for promotion and trade in the natural stone value chain. Veronafiere-Marmomac: new international development agreements signed. 53rd edition of Marmomac scheduled at VeronaFiere 26-29 September 2018. 
Verona, 30 September 2017 - More business, contacts, internationality, product culture and training. Marmomac today consigns the four-day event at Veronafiere to history with a yet another edition of growth on all fronts, once again confirming its status as the world-leading event for the entire natural stone value chain, from unhewn and finished materials to technology, processing accessories and experimentation in fields such as design and architecture. "Facts and figures for the 52nd Marmomac confirm its role of leadership for global trade in this sector," said Maurizio DanesePresident of Veronafiere. We're talking about 1,650 companies (64% international from 56 countries attended the trade fair) attracting 68,000 operators from 147 countries. This edition also achieved the objective of expanding business for natural stone companies that concluded important contracts and signed orders for materials and technologies alike."

Marmomac, as a b2b promotion platform, especially plays a strategic role for Italian stone industry products, which achieves almost 75% of turnover abroad. In 2015, the Government included the exhibition in its Special Made in Italy Promotion Plan and, on the opening day this year, heard the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ivan Scalfarotto, renew the commitment to extend the funding made available also in 2018. 

Internationality was also one of the main guidelines of Marmomac 2017, as Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of Veronafiere explained: "Once again, attendance by international operators came to than 60% of total, thereby reflecting the evolution of international markets and confirming Marmomac as a global platform for trade and promotion of the entire natural stone value chain. In particular, there was growing interest among African countries, as well as even more buyers from North and South America and consolidated attendance from Europe. At the same time, growth was seen for Asia with China and India, followed by Russia, where the market is recovering at last, Turkey and Iran posting significant improvements. There was also good attendance from the domestic market, especially from central-southern Italy. Our objective now is to project the Marmomac brand energetically abroad and we have already signed several system agreements in Italy and China this year. The next appointment is scheduled in Miami in mid-October for Archmarathon and meetings with 50 studios of architecture from across the entire American continent to expand the network of the event even further."  

In fact, Marmomac 2017 welcomed several new initiatives moving in this direction: from the signing of the new partnership in China with Qingdao Fair, to the letter of intent signed with IMM-Carrarafiere for the joint promotion abroad of respective stone districts and the announcement of the strengthening of marble and construction events in South America managed by our subsidiary Veronafiere do Brasil.

There were also many official institutional visits, including those by the Indian business delegation led by the Indian Ambassador to Italy, Reenat Sandhu, and the Brazilian group accompanied by the Governor of Espírito Santo State, Paulo Hartung. 

During the four days of the show, major attention was also paid to the design world, as well as to training, which is in the forefront of the update courses for architects provided by the Marmomac Academy. 

The Italian Stone Theatre, a pavilion developed with the Ministry for Economic Development MISE, ICE-Agency and Confindustria Marmomacchine, highlighted the interaction between natural stone, design experimentation and technology, while the International Stone Summit, the main stone associations worldwide focused on future developments in the sector. 

2017 also welcomed the debut for collaboration with the Milan Design Film Festival - with a series of short films by international directors dedicated to the world of marble and natural stone.

The Marmomac Night gala evening hosted the consignment of the Best Communicator Award and Masters of Stone insignia; the Icon Award also returned to the limelight. 

The 12 installations in natural stone making up the Marmomacc & the City exhibition in the squares of the historic centre of Verona, lastly, will remain on display throughout October. 

The 53rd edition of Marmomac is scheduled at VeronaFiere 26-29 September 2018. 
Contact : AeP Consultants Sarl -Paris