samedi 8 décembre 2018

Buyer à Sigep 2019

Sigep 2019 - AeP Consultants Sarl Paris qui s'occupe de la promotion de Sigep ( dans le Benelux, France et dans toute l'Afrique vient de compléter la délégation des buyers qui se rendrons à Sigep pour découvrir le salon et participer aux rencontres B2B avec les exposants. Il s'agit d'une délégation hétérogène qui regroupe 100 personnes de culture et nationalité différentes mais unis par un intérêt commun de decouvrir la production italienne qui est leader dans le secteur du gelato, pasticceria, café, boulangerie. Les buyers proviennent de : Algérie, Afrique du Sud, Belgique, Cameroun, Congo, Egypte, France, Ghana, Kenia, Liban, Libie, Luxembourg, Maroc, Namibia, Pays-Bas, Republique Centre-africaine, Senegal, Tunisie. - Rendez-vous à Sigep 2019 Rimini du 19 au 23 janvier 2019
Sigep 2019 - AeP Consultants Sarl Paris, which deals with the promotion of Sigep ( in the Benelux, France and throughout Africa has just completed the delegation of buyers who will go to Sigep to discover the show and participate in B2B meetings with exhibitors. It is a heterogeneous delegation that brings together 100 people of different cultures and different nationalities but united by a common interest to discover the Italian production which is leader in the sector of gelato, pasticceria, coffee, bakery. The buyers come from: Algeria, South Africa, Belgium, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, France, Ghana, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Luxembourg, Morocco, Namibia, Netherlands, Central African Republic, Senegal, Tunisia. - See you at Sigep 2019 Rimini from 19th to 23rd January 2019.

Contact : AeP Consultants Sarl - Paris

mercredi 10 octobre 2018

Fieracavalli 2018 - Verona

Milano, 10 ottobre 2018 – Nata alla fine del XIX secolo come mercato equestre, quest’anno Fieracavalli taglia il traguardo delle 120 edizioni alla Fiera di Verona (25-28 ottobre). Dal 1898 la rassegna accompagna l’evoluzione del ruolo del cavallo attraverso la storia del Paese: da strumento di lavoro nei campi e mezzo di trasporto, a compagno fidato nello sport, nella pet-therapy e nella vita all’aria aperta.
Fieracavalli è la più importante manifestazione internazionale di settore: si estende su oltre 128mila metri quadrati espositivi ed è visitata ogni anno da 160mila appassionati da oltre 60 nazioni. Il segreto di questo successo è la capacità di rappresentare in modo completo e trasversale tutto il comparto, con una formula che coniuga allevamento, sport e business, turismo e spettacolo.
Dopo le tappe di avvicinamento del Fieracavalli summer tour in Sicilia, Puglia, Lazio, Toscana, Emilia Romagna e Lombardia, la 120ª edizione della rassegna è stata presentata oggi a Milano da Maurizio Danese, presidente di Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani, direttore generale di Veronafiere, Simone Perillo, segretario generale di Fise, Duccio Bartalucci, ct della Fise e nuovo Event director di Jumping Verona, e Vittorio Garrone, fondatore del Team Wow. Presenti anche Clara Campese, presidente della Fise Veneto e gli atleti azzurri Giulia Martinengo e Bruno Chimirri.

samedi 29 septembre 2018

Marmomac 2018

Verona, 29 September 2018 - Growing operators from the United States, China, India and Russia; those from European countries are stable, with Germany and Spain always in the lead, while new opportunities are opening up in Africa and East Asia. Now closed at Veronafiere, the 53rd edition of Marmomac is confirmed as a barometer on the world market of the stone industry and processing technologies and the center of global trade in the sector.

The role of Marmomac as a leading business platform year after year is strengthened, thanks to an ever increasing rate of internationality. Over 60% of the 1,600 exhibiting companies came from abroad. Of the 68 thousand visitors who arrived in Verona in four days, 62% were foreigners, against a 60% share recorded in 2017. New record also on the front of the nations represented, which reached 150, compared to 147 of the previous edition. The countries of the top buyers 'and architects' trade delegations also increased, from 55 in 2017 to 65 this year.

These are numbers that multiply the opportunity to close business and explore new destinations for their products. The results of the b2b meetings at Marmomac have returned a photograph of the sector that sees the dominance of Made in Italy for added value, both for processed materials and technologies. The reference markets indicated by Italian companies remain North America, China, India and Russia, but this year a greater interest is reported also in terms of contacts with specialized operators from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indochina. Within Europe, the stone trade remains stable, while the one towards the Arab countries of the Middle East, Israel, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico is strengthened.

With regard to foreign exhibitors, the Iranian exhibitors reported a sold out of the raw and semi-finished blocks exposed, bought in particular by Italian and German buyers. The companies in the Balkan area and Turkey have also been satisfied (20% more), the latter present in strength despite the Turkish Lira crisis.

"Even this edition of Marmomac - comments Maurizio Danese, president of Veronafiere - has achieved the objective of supplying the world's natural stone supply chain with the most effective tool for its development. Thanks to the ability of a leading international fair like VeronaFiere to promote a manufacturing sector through creativity, culture and innovation. In this the collaboration with the Institutions and the trade associations was fundamental, in particular the Ministry for Economic Development, the ICE Agency and Confindustria Marmomacchine ".
A success also due to the intuition of joining the b2b part of the fair, the world of architecture, design, art and luxury brands, to enhance the functional and aesthetic potential of marble. It is a concept that at Marmomac finds its synthesis in 'The Italian Stone Theater', the pavilion that tells the interaction between natural stone and Italian processing technologies, thanks to avant-garde installations by famous international designers. An exhibition space that this year received the institutional visits of Michele Geraci, undersecretary of the Ministry for Economic Development, and of Mattia Fantinati, undersecretary of the Public Administration.

"Marmomac is the true center of the international community of the stone industry and market thermometer - explains Giovanni Mantovani, Veronafiere's general manager -. During these four days of the event we have recovered from the companies and buyers present a very positive sentiment on the front of the business, which makes us be optimistic for the final balance of global exchanges at the end of the year. This 2018 edition saw further growth in terms of the quality of the operators, as well as of arrivals from abroad, which increased by 2% of the total number of visitors. We are already thinking about the consolidation of the network of events connected abroad: in addition to Vitória Stone Fair-Marmomac Latin America, in Brazil, we are working on further development in the United States, with TISE-StoneExpo Marmomac in Las Vegas, in agreement with the American partner of Informa Group ".

Contact France/Maghreb : AeP Consultants Sarl - Paris :

samedi 22 septembre 2018

Marmomac 2018

Participation d'Exposants français et tunisiens, organisée par AeP Consultants Sarl de Angelo Pavone, à Marmomac 2018 -

samedi 25 août 2018

Rimini Beer Attraction 2019

BEER ATTRACTION est la foire internationale consacrée aux spécialités de la bière, aux bières artisanales, aux boissons et au food pour la chaîne Horeca.

BEER ATTRACTION, dans sa cinquième édition, est devenu un point de référence pour tous les opérateurs du food service.. D'une part, est présente l'offre nationale et internationale la plus complète de bières et de boissons, d'autre part, avec la marque FOOD ATTRACTION, est présente  toute la pour la chaîne food dédié au secteur horeca.

BEER ATTRACTION, avec FOOD ATTRACTION, se distingue sur la scène internationale par son format original et innovant qui associe la brasserie de spécialité à des spécialités culinaires pour la restauration hors foyer.

BEER ATTRACTION, prévue du samedi 16 au mardi 19 février 2019, s'adresse exclusivement aux professionnels du secteur. Seul le samedi 16 février est également ouvert au monde des gourmets et des amateurs de bière.

A BEER ATTRACTION est représenté toute la filière du secteur grâce à la contemporanéité avec BBTECH Expo, le salon professionnel des technologies pour les bières et les boissons. La formule gagnante de "fair in the fair" rassemble tous les producteurs de boissons avec les sociétés de matières premières, de technologies de transformation et de conditionnement.

L'événement est organisé par Italian Exhibition Group en collaboration avec UNIONBIRRAI. Les partenaires médias sont GBI et Il Mondo della Birra.

Si vous êtes intéressés à exposer à Beer Attraction veuillez nous laisser un message en MP, nous vous contacterons pour vous donner les renseignements pour la démarche à suivre.

Pour plus d’information sue la manifestation veuillez consulter le site de la manifestation :

Bien cordialement

Contact : AeP Consultants Sarl  - mai :

mardi 14 août 2018

Sigep 2019 - Rimini


Du 19 au 23 janvier 2019 Italian Exhibition Group organise le salon leader mondial
dédié à la glace, pâtisserie et boulangerie artisanales et au café

Le programme du Pastry Arena dévoilé, avec
la nouveauté de l’International Pastry Camp.

A l’affiche aussi le Championnat Mondial Juniores Under 23, les italiens seniores et juniores,
les sélections pour la Pastry Queen 2020 et Sigep Giovani

Les sélections qui feront émerger à Sigep l’élite des professionnels italiens démarrent à Turin.
L’équipe italienne pour la Coupe du Monde du Gelato 2020 émergera du Sigep Gelato d’Oro

Rimini, 25 juillet 2018 – Le 40ème SIGEP (Fiera di Rimini, 19-23 janvier 2019) se tourne vers le futur en célébrant la tradition de foire leader mondial de la confiserie artisanale tout en poursuivant l’objectif de faire ressortir le talent de grands professionnels, des plus jeunes aux plus talentueux maîtres internationaux.

SIGEP 2019 synthétisera l’activité de valorisation des filières, réalisée ces derniers mois dans le monde entier, lors du grand salon qui depuis 40 ans a vu l’événement de Italian Exhibition Group sous les feux de la rampe avec ses secteurs dédiés au gelato, pâtisserie, boulangerie artisanaux et au café, selon un important rendez-vous pour le food service.

En ce qui concerne la pâtisserie, pleins feux sur la cinquième édition du Campionato Mondiale di Pasticceria Juniores, les jeunes under 23 meilleurs au monde se disputeront un titre hautement convoité. En compétition: Australie, Belgique, Brésil, Chine, Croatie, Philippines, France, Inde, Italie, Russie, Singapour et Taïwan.
Dans les pays concurrents, des sélections sont en cours pour déterminer les participants, au cours des trois prochains mois sont prévues en Croatie, Philippines, France, Inde et Singapour. L’équipe italienne, sélectionnée à Sigep 2018, sera formée par Filippo Valsecchi (Lecco) et Vincenzo Donnarumma (Napoli).
Le Championnat Mondial de Pâtisserie Juniores, lancé il y a 10 ans par Maître Roberto Rinaldini, aura pour thème ‘Il Volo’ et chaque candidat aura le soutien d’une équipe pour l’aider à faire ressortir ses qualités lors des sept épreuves prévues. La compétition se déroule durant les deux premiers jours de SIGEP au Pastry Arena (Hall. B5), la remise des prix est prévue le dimanche 20 janvier 2019 à 17h00.

La nouveauté 2018 sera l’International Pastry Camp, une occasion précieuse de montrer l’évolution des écoles de pâtisserie qui sont en train de se développer dans le monde. Les meilleurs jeunes pâtissiers proviendront de sept pays du monde, les “vedettes” du futur se produiront lundi 21 janvier au Pastry Arena pour montrer les confiseries typiques du monde. Une vitrine supplémentaire est ajoutée au traditionnel Sigep Giovani, prévu mercredi 23 avec la participation des écoles italiennes, en collaboration avec Conpait, Pasticceria internazionale et Castalimenti. A compter de cette année, Sigep Giovani entre officiellement parmi les événements protagonistes du calendrier au Pastry Arena.

jeudi 19 juillet 2018

Veronafiere : Marmomac 2018

Experiments with natural stone in universities
curated by Raffaello Galiotto and Vincenzo Pavan

July 2018 - Within the scope of cultural events at Marmomac 2018, an exhibition will be presented focusing on educational and research experiences involving experiments with the use of stone materials carried out by Departments of Architecture and Design in Italian Universities in collaboration with companies and vocational and art schools.

The Young Stone Project exhibition will be set up in a dedicated area outside of Hall 1 at Veronafiere. It will host objects and prototypes in stone produced in the course of research projects developed as part of the design courses at universities already involved for some years in educational spheres and various course and doctorate research levels dealing with design using stone materials.

The exhibition brings together products developed through research at five universities: Bar Polytechnic University, Department of Architecture; University of Pescara, Department of Architecture; University of Rome La Sapienza, Department of Civil Construction Engineering; University of Ferrara – Department of Architecture; Cignaroli Academy of Fine Arts in Verona; in collaboration with the San Zeno School in the Marble Sector in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella and the Construction & Building School in Verona.

The event was made possible thanks to the support and collaboration of numerous Italian companies in the marble and processing machinery sectors. These companies will implement the projects developed by these students in prototype form, which will then be exhibited at Marmomac.

The link between universities and local areas functions very well in the stone industry thanks to the initiative by a group of architects and designers who are not only keen to include these materials in their courses but above all expand the interest shown by many companies in relation to university research, to the extent of involving them enthusiastically in this exchange of knowledge.
Contact / AeP Consultants pour France et Maghreb (

Veronafiere : Vinitaly 2019

Prochain rendez-vous de Vinitaly 2019 ( sera du 7 au 10 avril au Parc des Expositions de Veronafiere. Pour plus d'info veuillez nous adresser un mail à l'adresse suivante :

Fieramilano : Tuttofood 2019

Prochain rendez-vous de Tuttofood ( en 2019 du 6 au 9 mai au parc de Exposition de Fieramilano (RHO). Pour toute information merci de  nous envoyer en message par mail à l'adresse suivante :

samedi 23 juin 2018

Marmomac - Verona 26/29 sept. 2018


Verona, 5 June 2018 - Even more international with a focus on Miami and the launch of a network of marble ambassadors. Increasingly interactive with a new web portal dedicated to architects. And now also more attentive to the world of art alongside designers. These are some of the innovations Marmomac will present during the 53rd edition, scheduled at Veronafiere 26-29 September 2018. 
The trade fair is the most important global event dedicated to marble, granite, processing technologies, applied design and training. 
Its leadership was confirmed by facts and figures for 2017: more than 1,600 exhibiting companies (64% international from 56 countries) and almost 68,000 visitors (60% international from 147 countries). Its exceptional international profile means that Marmomac is the landmark promotional platform for a sector involving trade worth more than 18 billion euros on a global scale. This is a market where processed products and stone technology Made in Italy hold second place in terms of exports - worth more than 3 billion euros - and the first for quality and added value. 
Business opportunities liked with natural stone are as ever at the heart of the trade show through product categories that have been redefined this year to make them more stringent and rational: marble; natural stone; granite; agglomerates and conglomerates; marble blocks; unhewn stone and large formats; processing machinery and equipment; means of transport and lifting/hoisting; abrasives; diamonds; chemicals; services. 
Marmomac is one of our most important business events," said Maurizio Danese, President of VeronafiereToday, it is the absolute benchmark for trade fairs in this sector worldwide. This is demonstrated by the higher levels of satisfaction among our exhibitors compared to competing events and the fact that - more than four months from the start of the show - the exhibition space of more than 80,000 square meters for Marmomac has already been sold out; there is also a waiting list of more than 40 companies and requests for at least a further 1000 square meters, of which 90% from international companies." 
This guiding role has also been acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development since 2015 - with the consequent inclusion of Marmomac in the Special Made in Italy Promotion Plan - as a strategic trade fair for the promotion of Italy's natural stone industry. 
Within the scope of planned initiatives, collaboration between Marmomac, ICE-Italian Trade Agency and Confindustria Marmomacchine for incoming activities targeting international operators continues for 2018: 300 top buyers will selected, invited and hosted in Verona to attend b2b meetings, technical training sessions and visits to local companies. 
All this is once again joined by the International Stone Summit - the world conference involving the world's leading marble associations.
"Internationality is one of the key words for understanding the success of Marmomac," said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of VeronafiereWe have created a natural stone community that can also rely on the events we organize in consolidated as well as developing markets such as the United States, Brazil, Egypt and Morocco. We are keen to strengthen this network this year through the creation of Marble Ambassadors and thereby spread knowledge and use of stone materials, as well as Miami Calling - an initiative in partnership with Platform Magazine that seeks to analyse real estate opportunities in Florida."
Other fundamental aspects for developing trade during the show are innovation, design and training related to stone and its use.  This concept is represented at Marmomac by the exhibitions highlighted in The Italian Stone Theatre. This pavilion brings together Italian research, experimentation, marble and technologies. 
The theme for the 2018 edition is Water and Stone. This year also sees the debut of an initiative dedicated to artists to enhance dialogue between water and stone materials in hospitality and well-being contexts.
Another news for 2018 is the show where big brands from design and furniture – such as Baxter, Swarovski, Luxury Living Group – work on specific projects with marble companies.
Great attention is also dedicated to architects arriving in Verona from all over the world. They benefit from exclusive training and refresher courses organised by the Marmomac Academy, as well as the new web portal ta8ilor-made for designers who use marble. This is an increasingly widespread trend since 88% of architects visiting the trade fair clearly state that stone will be included in their future projects. 
Lastly, Marmomac also welcomes back two awards: the Icon Award identifies the work displayed in The Italian Stone Theatre that will be used as the image for the 2019 promotional campaign, while the Best Communicator Award acknowledges the care and originality that exhibiting companies dedicate to their stand fittings. 
Pour plus d'information veuillez adresser un mail à :

jeudi 31 mai 2018

HOMI Septembre 2018

 HOMI Milano – 14/17 septembre 2018

Quand on parle d'Italie on pense tout de suite à la Dolce Vita, à une façon de vivre à l'italienne synonyme d'un style de vie élégant, dynamique, de qualité qui retrace la tradition italienne bien évidemment dans un contexte projeté vers un monde en évolution continue.

C'est ce monde la qu 'on retrouve à HOMI au travers de 10 satellites qui retracent et proposent un mode de vie pour le bien être de l 'homme et de son environnement. En effet HOMI (anciennement Macef) grâce à sa capacité à se renouveler et transformer de façon radicale, a crée un concept de foire qui tourne autour de la personne, son style, ses espaces, ses envies, sa projection internationale, ses contradictions, sa recherche de la beauté apaisante de son esprit.

Lieu incontournable pour les professionnels du secteur, HOMI met en place un système de services
pour optimiser la présence soit des exposants que des visiteurs.

Si vous voulez être protagoniste d'un monde qui change, HOMI est le lieu idéal pour vous faire rêver en parcourant les allées de la manifestation et participant aux rencontres avec les exposants italiens et internationaux.

Pour plus d'information vous pouvez consulter le site de la manifestation sur : ou bien nous contacter par mail ( dans le cas ou vous souhaiteriez faire partie de la délégation de buyers que nous organisons pour chaque édition de HOMI.

Nous profitons de la présente pour vous rappeler les manifestations suivantes :
Chibimart ( dont la prochaine édition aura lieu du 9 au 12 novembre 2018 à Fieramilanocity.

PTE, PromotionTrade Exhibition ( qui aura lieu à Fieramilanocity du 23 au 25 janvier 2019.

AeP Consultants Sarl

lundi 28 mai 2018

Food Africa - Le Caire

Sont ouvertes les inscriptions pour exposer à la 4ème édition de Food Africa, qui aura lieu au Caire du 4 au 6 décembre 2018. AeP Consultants sari est en charge de la promotion exposants et visiteurs pour ce salon pour les Pays suivants : Europe : France et Portugal - Maghreb : Algérie, Maroc, Tunisie, Lybie.

Après trois éditions à succès, Food Africa, la plus grande foire commerciale internationale du continent spécialisée dans l'agroalimentaire, revient pour sa 4ème édition du 4 au 6 décembre 2018.

Tenue au cœur du Caire, Food Africa identifiera les opportunités clés dans le secteur agro-alimentaire et fournira aux parties prenantes régionales et internationales un accès direct au méga-marché égyptien et à l'industrie agricole florissante de l'Afrique.

En 2017, Food Africa a accueilli  294 exposants sur 10 000 m2 d'espace d'exposition et enregistré 10 830 visiteurs désireux d'explorer les opportunités d'affaires et les produits exposés. 
La 3ème édition a vu l'introduction de 'Egypt Food Avenue' - Une plate-forme pour les PME égyptiennes et les nouveaux exportateurs pour développer leurs entreprises, ainsi que 'Sea Food Africa' - Une section spécialisée entièrement consacrée au poisson et aux fruits de mer.

Pour plus d'information soit pour exposer ou bien pour visiter Fodd Africa veuillez nous adresser un mail à :

vendredi 25 mai 2018

Fieracavalli 2018


 La présentation du Grand Prix Fieracavalli à Rome, à l'occasion du concours équestre Piazza di Siena

 Vérone, le 25 mai 2018 - Fieracavalli célèbre son 120ème anniversaire et le célèbre en donnant une nouvelle compétition aux amateurs de saut d'obstacles. En effet dans la prochaine édition de Fieracavalli , prévue pour a la foire de Vérone du 25 au 28 octobre 2018, le Grand Prix Fieracavalli fera ses débuts.

 La compétition, de catégorie A6 étoiles, verra 120 binomes descendre dans la carrière. L'initiative - organisée en collaboration avec la fédération des sports équestres italiens Fise - enrichit ainsi le calendrier déjà important des manifestations sportives organisées pendant les jours de la foire, tout d'abord, Jumping Verona, la seule étape italienne de la Longines FEI World CupTM .

 Le Grand Prix Fieracavalli présenté à Rome, lors du 86ème Concours International de Concours Hippique Officiel (CSIO) de Piazza di Siena. Les inscriptions seront ouvertes en septembre, avec la notification des critères d'admission.

 Fieracavalli est l'exposition de référence pour le panorama équestre internationale, réussissant à réunir toutes les réalités qui gravitent autour du monde équestre: élevage, sport, tourisme, affaires et divertissement.

 Chaque année, plus de 3 000 chevaux de 60 races et plus de 200 événements entre compétitions et spectacles attirent à Vérone 160 000 visiteurs de plus de 60 nations, professionnels, jeunes promesses de selle et fans de tous âges.

Un succès qui a ses racines dans une histoire de plus d'un siècle, né avec la Foire de Vérone elle-même, avec la création en 1898 des foires biannuelles de l'agriculture et des chevaux.

Pour Info, veuillez contacter AeP Consultants en mp.

mardi 15 mai 2018


Verona, 3 May 2018 - Veronafiere changes its brand to celebrate 120 years of operations. The rebranding developed by communications agency Facci & Pollini was presented today in the head offices in Viale del Lavoro during the second day of the UFI European Congress (World Trade Fair Association) hosted by Veronafiere until tomorrow.
The most evident change concerns the pictogram: a "V" inspired by the layout of the halls in the exhibition centre made up of five bands ranging from dark blue to yellow. The choice of colours refers to the banner of the City of Verona, and also recalls the colours of the local area where Veronafiere was founded and developed, such as the blue of Lake Garda and the River Adige; the light green of vineyards and hills; the warm shades of the marble and natural stone in the historic city centre and its monuments, long-since declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The logo has also been changed, using a more modern font and emphasising the central role of Verona through a bold typeface.
The payoff "Trade shows & events since 1898" highlights the history of Veronafiere and its expertise as a direct organiser of events going back more than 120 years. The vocation as a tool for promoting business for exhibiting companies began in 1898 with the first half-yearly horse shows; Veronafiere has since become the fulcrum of a system of international relations covering five continents through a network of events, subsidiaries, international delegates and sales offices.
"The new brand celebrates our legacy and our strong bond with the local area yet it also ensures decisive new impetus looking at the next 120 years of operations," said Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere. "It is also a tangible sign of the important change of pace that Veronafiere has implemented in recent years through conversion into a joint-stock company, investments in digitizing processes and the development projects envisaged in the Business Plan."
Innovating, standing out and communicating are essential requirements for competing in the exhibition system today," said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of Veronafiere. "This rebranding operation seeks to narrate the values of our corporate identity in a new, more empathic manner, symbolized today by the colourful "V" that, like a wing, is ready to take flight towards a future that will be increasingly played out on international markets."
"The City of Verona is proud to celebrate the 120th anniversary of its Exhibition Centre this year, highlighted by the presentation of a new image for the occasion," said Federico Sboarina, Mayor of Verona. “The logo provides a clear idea of how Veronafiere also boasts strong roots in the territory of Verona, that this new look distinctly highlights. With great foresight, Veronafiere has carried forward this kind of team work with the City and Province of Verona for many years, thereby encouraging the growth of the local economic fabric and relaunching the image of Verona all over the world."

Veronafiere Press Service
Tel.: + 39.045.829.82.42 – 82.23
Twitter: @pressVRfiere 

samedi 28 avril 2018

Hospitality Qatar 2018

Avec 3 éditions réussies, Hospitality Qatar, le premier salon international de l'hôtellerie du Qatar, continue d'être au premier plan pour guider les entreprises locales, régionales et internationales vers les opportunités émergentes dans le secteur de l'hôtellerie.
Organisée du 6 au 8 novembre au Centre des congrès et des expositions de Doha (DECC), l'exposition mettra en relation les opérateurs hôteliers, fournisseurs HORECA, investisseurs et autres professionnels du secteur pour présenter les derniers produits et solutions et discuter des partenariats commerciaux.

AeP Consultants s'occupera des entreprises souhaitant exposer en provenance de :Algérie, France, Maroc, Portugal, Tunisie. Pour ceux qui sont intéressés à participer, veuillez nous contacter par mail à l'adresse suivant :

vendredi 27 avril 2018

ChibiMart Mai 2018

The Fiera Milano exhibition is back from 18 to 21 May with the summer season's most on-trend proposals: jewellery, silver, semi-precious stones and fashion accessories, with a new focus on premium quality  craftsmanship and decorative gifts inspired by nature 
Chibimart Summer is back from the 18 to 21 of May at fieramilanocity with its product offering that includes original and creative fashion accessories and on-trend jewellery, as well as hand-crafted and ethnic products for the Spring/Summer 2018 season.
A new edition that is expected to be particularly exhaustive and interesting, thanks, above all, to two important developments. The first, FATTO A MANO, will comprise an area with a special focus on fashion and accessories made by both Italian and foreign artisans, with a space specifically dedicated to sector-related small organisations or start-ups, which will be able showcase their one-of-a-kind creations as part of the event.
The second, THE GIFT EXPERIENCE, will comprise a special area that will be part of the #chibinature programme, which, for a number of editions, has been distinguishing the exhibition owing to events with a focus on nature, an important market trend all over the world and in all the various sectors, intended for a consumer who is increasingly aware and mindful of environmental issues.
By means of both an exhibition and event area, THE GIFT EXPERIENCE will be spotlighting decorative gifts that rigorously respect nature and boast environmentally-friendly and organic traits: big and small items made with attention and care, in line with the evolution of tastes and the new ‘green’ trends.
A project that in addition to expanding the exhibition offer, also suggests new and stimulating business opportunities for the operators.
The event offering will be completed by a new edition of ‘Te lo dice Tuttepazzeperibijoux’, the space curated by Maria Elena Capelli, coolhunter and author of the Tuttepazzeperibijoux blog, which for several editions, has been successfully providing consulting activities for the operators and exhibitors in attendance on important topics, such as the latest sector developments, trends, brands and competition.
Chibimart will also once again be adopting the consolidated cash&carry formula, which enables visiting operators to choose and purchase the selected products directly at the event. Moreover, the promotion that allows the operators to obtain free entrance (only after having pre-registered on the exhibition website) to the next edition of HOMI, Satellite Fashion & Jewels is back, with the event set to take place at fieramilano, Rho from 14 to 17 September 2018.
Milan, 5 March 2018
Contact  Belgique, France et Maghreb : AeP Consultants sari de Angelo Pavone :

vendredi 20 avril 2018

Vinitaly 2018

Attendance by international operators grew in percentage terms compared to 2017 from the United States (11%), China (34%), Northern Europe - Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark (17%), the Netherlands (15%) and Poland (27%) and even tripled from Israel; the top ten in terms of absolute attendance out of total sees buyers from USA in first place, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, China, France, Northern Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark), Canada, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands and Belgium.
More than 4,380 exhibiting companies attended the 4-day event at VeronaFiere (130 more than last year) from 36 countries.
Vinitaly and the City attracted almost 60,000 enthusiasts and wine lovers in Verona itself and three historical towns in its province: Bardolino, Valeggio sul Mincio and Soave.

The 52nd Vinitaly closed today in Verona by posting total attendance of 128,000 visitors from 143 countries, in line with the previous edition yet ensuring higher quality and number of accredited international buyers who this year achieved a very significant +6% for a total attendance of 32,000.
This result was achieved thanks to the continuous investments in incoming operations by Veronafiere, with the selection of top operators through its network of delegates in 60 countries also in collaboration with the ICE-Agency as part of the Special Made in Italy promotion plan implemented by MISE (Ministry of Economic Development).  More than 4,380 exhibiting companies attended the 4-day event at VeronaFiere (130 more than last year) from 36 countries presenting more than 15,100 wines through the Vinitaly On-Line Directory - an innovative tool in Italian, English and Chinese that helps promote business contacts throughout the year.
"Vinitaly 2018 confirmed its dedicated vocation to business and promotion of the wine world," said the President of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese. This is the right way forward, as identified with determination during the 50th anniversary edition. The exhibition in the Exhibition Centre as such is increasingly focused on professionals, while the off-show event for wine lovers in the city has also grown considerably. Vinitaly and the City this year attracted almost 60,000 enthusiasts to the historic centre of Verona as well as the towns of Bardolino, Valeggio sul Mincio and Soave. This project by now has emerged from the start-up stage to become a product in its own right and as such will be further developed as of the next edition."
"Growing attendance by professionals at the 2018 edition," said the CEO of Veronafiere, Giovanni Mantovani," bears witness to the consolidated role of b2b role of Vinitaly on an international scale, with selected and accredited buyers arriving from all over the world. The top ten in terms of absolute attendance out of total of 32,000 accredited buyers from 143 countries sees first place taken by the United States of America followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, China, France, Northern Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark), Canada, Russia, Japan and the Netherlands together with Belgium. 

The offering at Vinitaly was integrated and expanded, as every year, by the simultaneous scheduling of Sol&Agrifood, the quality agro-food show, and Enolitech, the event focusing on accessories and technologies for olive oil and wine production.
The 53rd edition of Vinitaly is scheduled 7-10 April 2019.
Useful links are provided below, including interviews with producers attending this edition of Vinitaly.

Presse office : Veronafiere
Delegate France et Maghreb : AeP Consultants Sarl Paris

mercredi 28 mars 2018

Vinitaly : degustazione vini del Vaucluse

Vinitaly : domenica 15 aprile alle 11,45 alle 12,30 nel Padoglione Internazionale_Wine
ci sarà la degustazione dei Vins du Vaucluse IGP.
Per chi fosse interessato restano ancora dei posti disponibili che potete prenotare collegandovi direttamente sul sito di Vinitaly qui di seguito :

I vini che saranno presentati sono : 
Domaine Fontaine du Clos, Rosé
Les Coteaux du Rhône, Rouge
Vignobles Saint-Marc, Rosé

Contatto : AeP Consultants Sarl :