dimanche 14 mai 2017

Convegno Nuovi Mercati per le P.M.I. siciliane

Si parte da Sant'Agata di Militello con Agritalia per iniziare un percorso promozionale a livello internazionale dei prodotti delle eccellenze siciliane nel mondo.
 Convegno : Nuovi Mercati e Tipologie di Marketing per le P. M. I. il 27 maggio alle ore 09,30. 
In calendario workshop Agroalimentare a Sant'Agata di Militello (ME) a settembre 2017.
Con la Camera di Commercio Italo/Lituana per i Paesi del Nord Europa e AeP Consultants Sarl di Parigi
per la Francia ed i Paesi del Mediterraneo e Maghreb.
Per info contattare : pavone.angelo@orange.fr

lundi 1 mai 2017

Milan : Tuttofood & Fruit&Veg Innovation 2017, 8/11 may

TUTTOFOOD 2017: with even more to offer the biggest food&beverage fair in Italy

Milan, 19 April 2016 – The most international event in Italy connecting supply in demand is constantly evolvingin order to anticipate and interpret the most interesting trends. This is TUTTOFOOD’s winning formula. The show takes place every two years – during odd years – in the fieramilano convention centre in Rho.
With a layout featuring 12 areas – two of which are new for 2017 -  that cover all specializations in the industry, in only 5 editions, TUTTOFOOD has made its way into third place among B2B food fairs in Europe, and is, by far, the top show in Italy. This leading position is the result of the quality of business it offers along with (big) numbers.
It’s the professionals, most of whom are in unanimous agreement, to proclaim this loud and clear: 94% of exhibitors say they are satisfied with the quality of visitors to the stands, 88% say they are satisfied with attendance and 86% are satisfied with the contacts they have made. In fact,  TUTTOFOOD’s visitors are decision-makers in the food & beverage world and it’s here where they where they want to invest: 38% have complete control over the budget, 44.7% play a role in the process and only 17.3% play no role in the buying process.
This success is also reflected in how many of the big players have confirmed so far in advance that they will participate in 2017. They come from the major producing regions of Italy as well as from food associations and international companies and collectives.
Today  – more than a year away from the next edition – more than 40% of the exhibition space occupied in 2015 has been reserved, even without having Expo occurring at the same time. Participation by international producers highlights the central role the show plays on the European landscape. These producers now associate Milan with food thanks to the Expo2015 initiative, which has designated the Italian city as a place for international relations when it comes to food and food policy.
There are to be many innovations for the next edition. The product categories in Fruit Innovation – the vegetable and fruit section of the show that brings together products and technologies  –  will serve to round out the show with fresh foods. TUTTOHEALTH is to also make its grand premiereThis  area goes beyond the organic concept – with lines offered in the stands of almost all exhibitors – to embrace a concept of overall wellness, all the way tonutraceuticals with participation by qualified partners. 
Two of the areas that have historically been top draws at TUTTOFOOD are also seeing growth: TUTTODAIRY, which is today taking on new challenges like the “free-from” trend and new markets that are discovering Italian cheeses;  and TUTTOFROZEN, which features a healthy and sustainable way to preserve foods by combining freshness, natural qualities and convenience. So this is an area that is ever more in line with the lifestyles of tomorrow’s consumers.  
Another exciting innovation at the show is Spazio Nutrizione. This is a true macro-area dedicated to knowledge and sharing, and it has 4 themed areas, each of which is focused on specific needs: Adult, dedicated to the role nutrition plays in prevention in adults; Kids, which will touch on aspects having to do with children; Earth, for nutrition that is healthy, natural and sustainable from all points of view; Sport, which will offer important ideas and information for amateur and professional athletes. Created thanks to a scientific partnership with Akesios Group, the Spazio Nutrizione event will take place during even years at the Centro Congressi Mi.Co., which is to make its debut from 5 May to 7 May this year.
The next edition of TUTTOFOOD is to take place in fieramilano in Rho from 8 May to 11 May 2017.
For updated information on the show:
www.tuttofood.it and on the major social media channels (#TUTTOFOOD, @TuttoFoodExpo).

  • International B2B show dedicated to food & beverage, organized by Fiera Milano every two years (odd years) in the convention centre in Rho
  • Covers 12 areas: Frozen, Pasta, Dairy, Bakery, Meat, Green, Sweets, Deli, Seafood, Grocery, Drinks, Oil
  • The top Italian B2B show in the industry, with 78,493 professional visitors in 2015, 30% of whom came from abroad, IFS-certified
  • Top business platform in the industry in Italy with 2,100 hosted buyers who in 2015 - via 11,790 business matching appointments – met with 2,838 exhibitors from 37 countries representing more than 7,000 brands
  • Association partners: Aidepi, Assica, AssoBirra, FederBio, Mineracque, Unaprol, UnionAlimentari and Unas
  • Internationalization partnership with the ITA – ICE Agency
  • Scientific partnership with Akesios Group for Spazio Nutrizione

Fiera Milano Press Office
Rosy Mazzanti – Simone Zavettieri
T: +39 024997.7457
Your Information : AeP Consultants Sarl : angelopavone@aepconsultants.com

mercredi 12 avril 2017

DeltaPo Family Destination Outlet

Tout est prêt pour l'ouverture ce soir à partir de 18h00 -

Rimini : Sigep 2018 (EN)

SIGEP 2018, International exhibition of handicraft production of gelato, pastry, chocolate and artisan bakery will be held in Rimini Fiera from 20 to 24 January 2018 (www.sigep.it).

The exhibition now in its 39th edition, it is one of the world’s leadingi international trade in the field of artisan gelato, pastry, chocolate and bakery and the 2017 edition had gathered over 1,250 exhibitors on 118,000 m² of exhibition area and received more than 208,472 visitors including 41,827 trade visitors from 170 countries.

At SIGEP 2018 are represented all the news regarding raw materials, basic products, machinery, equipment, furniture and accessories for the artisan gelato and bakery trades.
More various events such as international competions, demonstrations, workshops and seminar updates, exhibition contribute to create an unique and spectacular event.

Our company promotes SIGEP in Belgium, France, Holland, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon,  Senegal and Burkina Faso so if you want to expose to SIGEP 2018 or get professional invitation to visit the exhibition and participate in B2B meetings with exhibitors, please contact  us at the following email :

Important :  if registration before May 19, 2017, you can benefit of preferential rates !!!

Links :

Best regards,

Angelo Pavone – AeP Consultants
Délégué SIGEP 

Rimini : Sigep 2018

SIGEP 2018, le Salon International de la production artisanale du Gelato, pâtisserie, chocolaterie et boulangerie artisanales se déroulera à Rimini Fiera du 20 au 24 janvier 2018 (www.sigep.it).

Le Salon, à sa 39ème édition, reconnu comme le plus important au monde dans le secteur du gelato artisanal, de la pâtisserie et chocolaterie artisanale et de la boulangerie a réuni, lors de l’édition 2017, plus de 1.250 exposants sur une surface de 118.000 m²  a accueilli environ 208.472 visiteurs dont 41.827  visiteurs professionnels en provenance de 170 Pays.

À SIGEP sont représentées toutes les nouveautés en ce qui concerne les  matières premières, les produits de base, machines, équipements, mobilier et accessoires pour le Gelato artisanal et les métiers de la panification.
De plus, les différents événements tels que les concours internationaux, les démonstrations, les ateliers et séminaires de mises à jour, les expositions contribuent à en faire un événement unique et spectaculaire.

Notre société assure la promotion de SIGEP sur la Belgique, France, Hollande, Algérie, Libye, Maroc, Tunisie, Cameroun, Sénégal et Burkina Faso, si vous souhaitez exposer à SIGEP 2018 ou obtenir l’invitation professionnelle pour visiter le Salon et participer aux rencontres B2B avec les exposants, veuillez nous contacter à l’adresse email suivante :   angelopavone@aepconsultants.com 

Si vous souhaitez participer à Sigep 2018, afin de bénéficier des prix préferentiels veuillez renvoyer l’application form (voir dans les liens) ainsi que l’acompte avant le 19 mai 2017

Liens :

Meilleures salutations,
Angelo Pavone – AeP Consultants
Délégué SIGEP France, Belgique, Holland, Afrique

Vérone; Fieracavalli 2017

Madame, Monsieur,

Par la présente, nous vous informons que la 119ème édition de Fieracavalli aura lieu à Vérone du 26 au 29 ottobre 2017. Pour plus d’information, veuillez consulter le site suivant :  www.fieracavalli.com
En 2016 la manifestation, qui s’est développée sur une surface nette de 130.000 m2, a accueilli 750 exposants, 3.000 chevaux et 750 journalistes, et a enregistré 160.000 visiteurs et 25 délégations étrangères. Par ailleurs, pendant les 4 jours de Fieracavalli se sont déroulés plus de 200 événements sportifs, concours, spectacles et séminaires.     

Les Chiffres parlent d’eux-mêmes et qualifient Fieracavalli, ayant reçu l’unique étape de la Coupe du Monde du saut d’obstacle en Italie, comme le lieu incontournable pour les professionnels du secteur et les passionnés du monde équestre, où il faut être présents en tant que acteurs principaux et core business de la manifestation. 

L’édition 2017 sera encore plus riche en événements et nouveautés, Fieracavalli pursuivra ses efforts, grâce à son important réseau d’agents dans le monde, pour effectuer la séléction et l’organisation de délégations de buyers internationaux.

Si vous êtes intéressés à exposer, veuillez vous enregistrer en ligne avant le 31 mai 2017 et bénéficier des tarifs préférentiels sur le prix du m2 nu (voir tableau joint). 

si  vous êtes un nouvel exposant, cliquez sur www.fieracavalli.it - allez à la page Area Espositori, remplissez la fiche de pré-enregistrement. Une fois l’enregistrement effectué, vous allez recevoir de la part du secrétariat le login et la password pour accéder à votre espace personnel et finaliser votre participation         
si vous avez participé à l’édition 2016 vous avez déjà reçu une circulaire avec le login et la password pour accéder directement à votre espace et effectuer l’inscription.

La surface minimum du stand à l’intérieur des halls est de 16m2.

Dans l’attente de vous compter parmi les exposants de Fieracavalli, 

Très cordialement, 

                                                                                                               Angelo Pavone
                                                                                                              AeP Consultants
                                                                                         courriel: angelopavone@aepconsultants.com

Verone : Marmo+Mac

Madame, Monsieur,

Plus de 95% des exposants présents en 2016 ont reconduit leur participation à Marmomac 2017, le Salon dédié au marbre, à la pierre, au design, aux équipements et accessoires qui aura lieu au Parc des Expositions de VeronaFiere du 27 au 30 septembre 2017.

Lors de l’édition 2016, Marmomac a enregistré 1.670 exposants en provenance de 52 Pays, 67.118 visiteurs dont 60% de visiteurs internationaux en provenance de 146 Nations. La Manifestation a occupé une surface nette de 80.439 m2 soit + 4,38% par rapport à 2015.

Ces chiffres montrent l’internationalisation de Marmomac et le fait que la Manifestation demeure le lieu incontournable pour les professionnels du secteur qui aiment être protagonistes d’un événement international et pas de simples spectateurs.

Nous vous invitons à saisir l’opportunité de participer à Marmomac afin de bénéficier d’un lieu incontournable pour le business et la promotion de vos produits. 

Les inscriptions se font en ligne, si vous êtes interessé, veuillez aller sur le site de la manifestation  - www.marmomacc.com - veuillez accéder à l'Espace Exposant : s’inscrire à Marmomac 2017 et remplir la fiche de pré-inscription. 

Une fois le pré-enregistrement effectué, vous allez recevoir de la part de la BU de Marmomac le lien ainsi que les codes (login + password) pour accéder à votre Espace et finaliser votre inscription.

Par ailleurs, pour la 3ème année consécutive, Marmomac propose pour les exposants qui souhaitent un stand à l’intérieur des halls d’une surface allant de 16 m2 à 48m2, une offre promotionnelle "All Inclusive Premium" dont vous trouverez, ci-joint, la brochure avec les prix.

Nous espérons, pour l'édition 2017, vous compter parmi les exposants qui seront présents à cette importante manifestation, lieu incontournable pour les opérateurs du secteur. 

Vous trouverez ci-dessous les liens pour la documentation (veuillez cliquer dessus):

Pour toute demande d’information complémentaire, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter soit par téléphone ( soit par mail (angelopavone@aepconsultants.com).

Bien cordialement,

Angelo Pavone
AeP Consultants Sarl
Délégué VeronaFiere France, Algérie et Tunisie

dimanche 2 avril 2017

Vinitaly Traffic, Parking :Transport Guide

VINITALY: 51st EDITION (9-12 April 2017)

The 51st Vinitaly - the most important international exhibition dedicated to the world of wine and spirits - is scheduled 9-12 April 2017. With over 130,000 visitors expected and more than 4,100 exhibitors over the four days of the event, the traffic and parking system around the exhibition centre is organised and regulated to minimise disruption and maximise the time available for sector professionals.
Useful information is provided below about traffic, parking and transport arranged by specific recipients: visitors and journalists. This information with maps, explanatory ground plans and detailed routes is available online in the visitors area of the event website (www.vinitaly.com).


Where: VeronaFiere is located in Viale del Lavoro n° 8 about two kilometres from the Verona Sud exit on the A4 Serenissima motorway, Porta Nuova Railway Station and Verona city centre.

Admission: on payment, trade only and adults.

Timetable: during Vinitaly, the Exhibition Centre is open to visitors 9.30-18.00.

Shuttle bus service inside the Exhibition Centre: The Exhibition Centre itself offers a service connecting the halls with two minibuses running 9-19.30.

By train
Travelling by train has always been the most convenient, fast and sustainable way to reach Vinitaly. This is why Veronafiere has renewed the agreement with Trenitalia  that allows visitors and exhibitors attending Vinitaly to buy tickets at a discount rate through Trenitalia Group Offices. The offer is valid until 30 April 2017 on all trains arriving and departing from Verona: 30% discount on 1st class and 20% on 2nd class. Details and more information onwww.trenitalia.com/tcom/Offerte-e-servizi/Uffici-Gruppi-Trenitalia. As ever, arrivals at Porta Nuova Railway Station are served by a free shuttle bus service to/from the Exhibition Centre, departing from Pavement A approximately every 15 minutes 8.30-20.

New pedestrian & bicycle route and underpass: as of this year, even better signs have been implemented to direct people travelling by train and there is also a new pedestrian connection between the Station and the Exhibition Centre installed by Rfi-Italian Railways. This solution means that people can walk to Vinitaly in less than 10 minutes: from platform 12, the route (570 metres long in total) leaves from the rear of the station, crosses over the Railway Sidings and reaches Viale Piave; here, you can take a shuttle bus or continue on foot to the exhibition centre following the route marked by special stickers on the ground with directional arrows and the Vinitaly logo. For the occasion, Verona City Council has also reactivated the pedestrian underpass on Stradone Santa Lucia, open and illuminated day and night with three surveillance cameras connected to Police Headquarters in Verona.

By Car
The fastest, easiest way to reach Vinitaly by car is especially to use the Park and Ride facilities near the Stadium and the Adigeo Shopping Centre, which are connected to the exhibition centre every 15 minutes by a free shuttle bus service.

§  The recommended exit from the A22 "Brennero" Motorway (Modena-Trento-Bolzano-Bressanone-Vipiteno) isVerona Nord; free parking is available around the Bentegodi Stadium in Via dello Sport with a shuttle bus service serving the Veronafiere starting at 06.00 a.m.
§  From the A4 Serenissima Motorway (Turin-Milan-Brescia-Venice-Udine-Trieste), the closest exit to the Verona Exhibition Centre is Verona Sud; parking is available (€10 per day) in the Adigeo Parking Area entering from Via Cagnoli with a shuttle bus service serving Veronafiere from Via Copernico. If the Adigeo Car Park is full, use theCattolica Center parking area (€10) in Via Germany, which is also served by the shuttle bus departing from Via Velino.

By aeroplane
Verona Airport is served by a free shuttle bus ("Aerobus") to/from the Exhibition Centre operated approximately every 60 minutes 8.30-19.30.
Parking Areas
Shuttle buses
Via dello Sport
Yes (line C)
Via Cagnoli
Yes (line H)
P3 and Market Galleries
Viale del Lavoro
Via Sommacampagna
Yes (line E)
Cattolica Center
Via Germania
Yes (line G)
P1 Railway Sidings
Stradone Santa Lucia
P2 - Former fruit and vegetable Market
Viale dell’Agricoltura
P4 Multistory
Viale dell’Industria
P7 Re Teodorico
Viale dell’Industria

Parking facilities for exhibitors:access to certain parking areas (P1, P2, P4 and P7) is reserved exclusively for exhibitors until 12 noon (see above). Visitors may use these areas only after mid-day and until places are available
Coaches and campers: coaches and campers must park in the Stadium parking areas; coaches arriving from the Verona Sud motorway exit can also use the Cattolica Center parking area.
Parking facilities are not supervised: do not leave valuables in vehicles!
Parking and traffic in areas surrounding the Exhibition Centre: 8 - 19: Stradone Santa Lucia, Via Golosine, Via Po, Largo Don Giovanni Calabria, Via dell'Industria, Via Monfalcone, Via Centro, Via Volturno, Via Scuderlando, Viale dell'Agricoltura, Viale del Lavoro and Viale della Fiera - parking is only allowed with a parking disc for a maximum of 60 minutes, otherwise vehicles will be towed away. These measures are not applied to residents or local businesses and professionals.
Journalists, on displaying a valid ID card, can park free of charge while places are available in the parking areas for visitors (see above) and the two areas indicated below. Vehicles used by TV crews may use a specific parking area, again while places are available.

Parking Areas
Shuttle buses
Palaexpo Forecourt
Viale del Lavoro
P11 (TV crews)
Via Scopoli



Urban lines: to visit the show and travel easily around the city centre during Vinitaly, ATV offers its network of day-time and evening urban bus lines to all visitors expected in the city.
For visitors attending the off-show event Vinitaly and the City (7-11 April 2017), day-time lines operate until 21.00 and all evening lines until 24.00. Bus lines 90, 91, 93 and 98 on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 April will also remain in service until 02.00.
The Exhibition Centre is served by daily urban bus lines 21, 22, 61, 51, 52 and holiday lines 91 and 98 (Stradone Santa Lucia/Via Roveggia side), 96, 97 and 92 (Viale dell'Agricoltura side). Tickets cost €1.30. All timetables are available atwww.atv.verona.it.

Taxi: the Radiotaxi service is operative 24/7 (tel. 045.532.666).
► Free shuttle buses: In addition to urban bus routes, ATV, in collaboration with Veronafiere, operates on event days a free shuttle bus service connecting the exhibition centre with the main park and ride areas, Valerio Catullo airport and Porta Nuova Railway Station.

Line A: Piazza Bra – Exhibition Centre (via Scopoli)
Route: Piazza Bra, Corso Porta Nuova (stop at Chamber of Commerce), via Scopoli (stop on the pavement alongside the Exhibition Centre itself) and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 07.30 from Piazza Bra, every 15'; the service terminates at 20.30 from via Scopoli.
Line B: Porta Nuova Railway Station – Exhibition Centre (Viale dell'Agricoltura)
Route: Railway Station (stop on pavement E2), Viale dell'Agricoltura (stop on former Fruit&Vegetable Market side) and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 07.30 from the Railway Station; every 15'; the service terminates at 20.30 from Viale dell'Agricoltura.
Line C: Bentegodi Stadium car parks – Exhibition Centre (Viale dell'Agricoltura)
Route: Stadium parking areas, Viale dell'Agricoltura (stop on former Fruit&Vegetable Market side) and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 06.00 from the Stadium; frequency every 15'; the service terminates at 20.30 from Viale dell'Agricoltura.
Line D: Volto San Luca – Exhibition Centre (Via Scopoli)  
Route: Corso Porta Nuova (stop at street n. 4), Via Scopoli (stop on pavement alongside the Exhibition Centre) and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 07.30 from Corso Porta Nuova; frequency every  15'; the service terminates at 20.30 from via Scopoli.
Line E: Veronamercato parking area – Exhibition Centre (via Scopoli)  
Route: Centro Agroalimentare-Veronamercato, via Scopoli (stop on Telecom Tower side) and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 8:30 from Centro Agroalimentare-Veronamercato; frequency every 20'; the service terminates at 20.30 from via Scopoli.
Line F: pedestrian exit from Railway Station – Exhibition Centre (Viale dell'Agricoltura)
Route: Viale Piave, Viale dell'Agricoltura (stop on former Fruit&Vegetable Market side), Porta Nuova Railway Station, Viale Piave and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 07.30 from the Railway Station; every 15'; the service terminates at 20.30 from Viale dell'Agricoltura.
Line G: Cattolica Center parking area – Exhibition Centre (via Scopoli) 
Route: Via Velino, via Scopoli (stop on Telecom Tower side) and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 8.30 from Via Velino; frequency every  15'; the service terminates at 20.30 from via Scopoli. 
Line H: Adigeo parking area - Exhibition Centre (Viale dell'Agricoltura)
Route: Via Copernico, Viale del Lavoro, Viale dell’Agricoltura and return.
Timetable: the service starts at 8.30 from Via Copernico; frequency every  15'; the service terminates at 20.30 from Viale dell'Agricoltura.
Aerobus: Valerio Catullo Airport – Exhibition Centre (Via Scopoli)  
Timetable: the service starts at 8.30 from the Airport; frequency every 60'; the service terminates at 19.30 from via Scopoli. 


§  Verona City Council and the Municipal Police provide (www.veronamobile.it  and Twitter @veronamobile) an information service updated in real time about parking availability, the general traffic situation in the city and recommended routes, as well as indicating any delays or accidents.
The web platform is optimised for display on mobile phones and hand-held devices.
§  Vinitaly provides information about traffic conditions through official social media.
§  Up-to-date news is also provided on the variable messaging panels placed at all major access roads to the city of Verona.

Find here the itineraries to reach Veronafiere: http://www.vinitaly.com/en/informations-for-visitors/parks/

Contact : AeP Consultants sarl de Angelo Pavone