mardi 28 avril 2020

Transpotec Logitec 2021

21 April 2020The leading event in Italy for the transport and logistics industries, scheduled from 18 to 21 March 2021, intends to be a concrete tool for the transport and logistics market and its operators. The project evolves with an increasing integration between transport and logistics and finds its new ideal location in Milan. 

Milan, 21 April 2020. The next edition of Transpotec Logitec will be held at Fiera Milano from March 18 to 21, 2021.

The journey has begun in a particular moment: the road haulage sector is a fundamental asset for the economy of our countries. Moving goods, especially when it comes to basic necessities, such as food or medicines, is crucial to guarantee key services to the community as a whole. And right now, hauliers are proving this in practice.
The market is increasingly aware of its role and, now more than ever, needs continuity and security and is firmly set on seeking opportunities for progress, starting from reflecting on the possibilities for growth on technological level, employment issues and the challenges of the near future.
Transpotec Logitec intends to be an additional tool for transport and logistics operators to encourage this exchange and create real opportunities for relaunch in all sectors. It presents itself as an integrated business and content platform focused on the hot topics that are having concrete and significant impacts on company organisations, logistics processes and the skills of those working in the sector.
Focus points of the project are sustainable mobility, from an environmental point of view, given the new European regulations on emissions, but also in terms of total cost of ownership, safety that unites manufacturers, hauliers and those responsible for transporting goods and people in an increasingly shared culture and the digitalisation of vehicles and services, which is revolutionising the potential of vehicles as well as the everyday life of logistics and road haulage operators. Finally, the theme of professionalism and training of young people will be investigated across various areas, focusing on the search for new skills and paradoxes of employment. The shortage of truck drivers is a common theme in Europe where most of goods are transported on roads, and in Italy alone, more than 20,000 more are needed, according UNRAE observatory.

Transpotec Logitec 2021 will be an innovation showcase, a content laboratory, a market observatory and an incubator of new ideas with space for all these themes in a business and professional development perspective, offering itself as an international hub at the service of the market and its players.

The Transpotec Logitec 2021 challenge is well summed up by its new graphic identity, which will accompany the event organised by Fiera Milano in the coming months.
Transpotec Logitec is introducing a new visual that hint to all aspects of mobility and transport and evoke the deep roots of this world made of connections and interactions. The road is the dominant element, the one that immediately jumps to the eye but, observing closer, many realities are narrated and explored, like rail and sea transports. The colours of the road are suggested in the Transpotec Logitec logo; the road thus becomes the link between the many aspects of the sector, while its upward direction suggests unstoppable, positive growth and development. All this is crowned by a green, beating heart to reference sustainability and the attention to an eco-friendly world.
"Creating new paths. Together" is the invitation paired with the image to testify to the will to build an exhibition project once again shared with the various players on the market, including manufacturers, stakeholders, associations, academic institutions and media.

The appointment is in less than a year at Fiera Milano from 18 to 21 March 2021.