vendredi 24 juillet 2020

HOMI Fashio&Jewels - HOMI outdoor Home&Dehors

HOMI will meet you in Milan from September 19 to 22, 2020.

  •   FIERA MILANO PLATFORM. The new platform dedicated to the entire community of reference supply chains is here: for exhibitors, visitors, buyers, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders
  •   SUPPORT FOR SME. Easy access to credit thanks to partnerships with some of the major financial institutions
  •   PROTOCOLS. Guidelinesaimedatguaranteeingasafeandstreamlined return to business for the exhibition and convention industry

    Milan, 29 June 2020. Fiera Milano is ready to open its doors again from September, with the aim of promoting the country's economic recovery and supporting the growth and internationalisation of enterprise. Thanks to collaboration with a team of experts, working in synergy with the major players in the sector, Fiera Milano has worked on the preparation of a “Protocol for the containment of the spread of the new coronavirus” setting out concrete guidelines aimed at guaranteeing the resumption of the exhibition sector, in full compliance with current regulations and in consideration of the evolution of epidemic and the consequent provisions.

    The measures adopted by Fiera Milano, in compliance with the guidelines issued by the reference international associations UFI and EMECA, include not only the new entrance methods, but also a further refinement of the guidelines for managing visitor flows: from pre-registration to arrival at the exhibition and convention districts, as well as larger, regular, structured routes that can guide the visitor within the halls, common areas and refreshment points.

    This new beginning is accompanied by the launch of Fiera Milano Platform, a new platform dedicated to the entire community of reference supply chains: for exhibitors, visitors, buyers, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders. An innovative, integrated system which, from September, will focus even more attention on the network that revolves around each exhibition, simplifying interaction between buyers and companies. 

    The project envisages an ecosystem of services: solid strengthening of the contents of the event's websites and social media profiles, to present trends and products with pictures and reports by those involved, a synergy between face-to-face and digital meetings (with lots of webinars), and redesigned catalogues for the presentation and sale of exhibitors' products. There will also be a detailed digital map of the event, allowing remote access and real-time direct negotiations. The event becomes “phigital”, thanks to the creation of new formats that are simultaneously digital and accessible to a live audience.

    Among the structural interventions carried out inside the exhibition centre, with the use of multiple touch points based on new technologies (IoT, Data analytics, Cloud, Mobile App), Fiera Milano has implemented a series of tools which include: an infrastructure consisting of 80 high-resolution LED walls, which can be adapted to a wide variety of infotainment. This is due for launch in September, in the Rho district; a heatmap to allow geolocation within the exhibition centre; a map that monitors flows and routes in the halls for better interaction between buyers and exhibitors; a new exhibition centre app to access a series of services including: the new way-finding system, fast track, reservations for parking and food service, etc.

    Among the new services offered, Fiera Milano is making access to credit for exhibitors more agile, supporting the funding of investment.

    In order to provide tangible support for SMEs and encourage them to participate in the exhibitions and conventions held at the exhibition centres, Fiera Milano has signed agreements with several banks (Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Banco BPM, Intesa Sanpaolo), the finance company BCC Lease (Credito Cooperativo Group), and is currently finalising others agreements.

    Companies will also receive support during the preliminary phase, and Fiera Milano will fully or partially refund interest accrued on loans.

    All the services and measures announced today confirm Fiera Milano's intention to support SMEs in order to make a significant contribution to the economic relaunch of Italy's manufacturing sector. 
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