lundi 4 avril 2016

At Fruit&Veg System the Workshop - Verona

At Fruit&Veg System the workshop
" The Packaging grows through Cooperation - Competitiveness starts with innovation!"

Veronafiere - May 6th, 2016
April 1st, 2016 - Fruit & Veg System, the innovative B2B event organised by VeronaFiere in collaboration with Agrifood Consulting, will take place from 4th to 6th May 2016. There will be a workshop dedicated to packaging, entitled "The Packaging grows through Cooperation - Competitiveness Starts with Innovation" to be held on May 6th. The workshop, in partnership with Fresh Point Magazine, is a connection between the main players in the fruit and vegetable packaging sector. It aims to identify the new role that packaging has in the global market and in new strategies of fruit and vegetable marketing, focused on the internationalisation of brands, companies and territories.
"There is a packaging for each market" or "Say it with the packaging" are two popular sayings of old translations that assist understanding the role of packaging within the sector and represent a type of “red thread” of the four scheduled discussion points. Today, packaging no longer only merely contains products, but also creates highly technological environments which can prolong shelf life, and communicates with the consumer, advising the origin and the specific contents of the product, for example. Packaging is a key link in the supply chain, and innovation is an essential element for redrawing the maps of global competitiveness of the Made in Italy brand, as well as creating added value at all levels of the fruit and vegetable industry.

The workshop will cover the following discussion points:
- National distribution and the role of secondary packaging;
- A packaging for each market;
- Packaging as identity and origin;
- Packaging and industry innovation.

During the meeting, some of the most significant case histories of the industry will be reviewed.

Duccio Caccioni, agri-food marketing expert and marketing manager of Caab, the Agribusiness centre of Bologna, will moderate the workshop. The conference programme, in addition to the packaging workshop, offers themes of great current interest, such as Logistics Day, the bilateral Italy-Russian agreement, and the
presentation of the 8th Table Grape Symposium, among others. Fruit & Veg System intends to offer companies of the fresh produce sector concrete tools for the revival of the entire sector, serving not only as innovative B2B event but - and above all - as a major landmark in the development of international markets for the excellence of Italian produce.