jeudi 4 août 2016

Verone ; Oil&nonOil

Oil&nonoil-S&TC: a mirror of the changes in the industry
Professionals from the world of energy, fuel and mobility services will be gathering in Verona (11-13 October) for a three-day event devoted to the fuel retail network, alternative fuels and the car wash sector, not forgetting fuel storage and transportation. In the month since the event was announced, over 40 companies have signed up to participate.

Milan, 18th April 2016

This year taking the stage for the eleventh time, the forthcoming Oil&nonoil fair, to be held at Veronafiere from 11 to 13 October, will feature a renewed format, which has been updated and adapted to the changes taking place in the industry.
In the wake of the success of the last fair, held in October 2015 in Rome, the organizers are willing to to offer an event capable of meeting their business expectations even more effectively.
The fair, aimed at the entire fuel distribution pipeline, looks at the technologies, professionals and prospects of each segment and highlights new opportunities related to the mobility of goods and people and the increasing role being played by alternative fuels.
From the depots to the service stations, each stage in the process demands new solutions to boost competitiveness and increase safety and customer satisfaction.
Fuel retail network operators (large and small) are becoming stronger, managing their businesses in a dynamic fashion and gaining leverage from flexible instruments, adapting them to their specific market areas; meanwhile, the fuel retail and non-retail networks are drawing closer together with the result that the differences between the various operators driving this industry are becoming less marked.
Although car wash facilities and bars continue to be the main non-oil sources of income within the Italian system, it is also possible to find other profitable businesses (tyre repair, launderettes, etc.).

A strong and positive response from exhibitors
In the month since it was announced, the event has met with an enthusiastic response from exhibitors: already, 40 companies (that is to say 40% of the total present at the previous fair) have reserved a stand.
The most immediate response has come from the operators from the segment that serves service stations (suppliers of petrol pumps, fuel tanks, signs and lighting, as well as building companies).
The organizers hope that more than 50% of the stands will have been reserved before the promotional campaign ends on April 30.

Focus on
O&NO will be organizing special initiatives for the various visitor targets. Tuesday 11 October will be the day devoted to car wash facilities and operators, Wednesday 12 will revolve around an analysis of the fuel retail network and its leading players; while finally, on Thursday 13, the focus will be alternative fuels and the scenarios that will characterize mobility in the future.
Naturally, throughout the three days of the fair, the exhibition and meetings will also be of interest to the entire pipeline. Each day there will be workshops and seminars devoted to the various professional operators and, above all, every effort will be made to bring out the transversal nature of the issues dealt with.

The car wash sector
In the wake of recent months that have seen the first positive signs of a recovery, the car wash sector will also be present in Verona. Over the past year, the professionals in this field have formed two sector associations (Assolavaggisti and ALI-Associazione Lavaggisti Italiani) and the issues most important to these operators will be dealt with in seminars and meetings.
The world of manufacturing, albeit amidst various reorganization and merger operations, is showing signs of improving sales and of a will to introduce new products. A few months ago, Gianluca Meschi was appointed president of Federlavaggi, and his primary objective in this role is to increase the federation’s membership. “With this in mind, he declared, our aim is to collaborate with everyone in order to underline the usefulness of joint action on issues relevant to the entire sector. I will be consulting the association’s Executive Board about the possibility of our attending the Verona fair and the form our participation should take. We need to focus on initiatives that foster an ‘entrepreneurial culture’ among sector operators and that allow us to come into direct contact with end users, with whom we wish to become better acquainted, just as we wish them to become better acquainted with us.”

Education and information
In true Oil&nonoil tradition, there will be numerous workshops, seminars and conferences. These meetings will cover all the topics dealt with by the event and will be organized by the exhibitors and by the associations working in collaboration with research institutes. On the days devoted, respectively, to car wash facilities, fuel retail network operators, and alternative fuels, the training and information events will focus on those major topics, although we reiterate that these will also the subject of meetings and analysis throughout the fair. There will also be no shortage of opportunities to examine the topic of fuel storage and transportation, particularly aspects relating to route safety and load-weighing technologies.

Three days to boost business
The immediate registration of many of the sector’s leading companies, the interest shown by associations, the topicality of mobility issues and the energy shown by new entrepreneurs in this field show why Oil&nonoil, the only event for this sector in Italy, is attracting a growing number of operators, both Italian and international, willing to invest in order to innovate and boost their businesses.