lundi 3 juillet 2017

Salon BIT Revolution - FieraMilano

 Affirmation and relaunch of the Bit Revolution 
Advance previews for 2018 
  • 3-day formula: Sunday 11 to Tuesday 13 February 
  • Halls 3 and 4, on two floors one above the other: more effective and easier to visit 
  • • Development of existing areas and confirmation of Bit4Job, A Bit of Taste and BeTech 
  • • Satisfaction of industry operators with Bit 2017: over 87% acknowledge its importance 
  • An Advisory Board is being defined for the Bit 2018 MICE area 

Milan, 15 June 2017 - Drawing from this year's results - 16,353 match-makings, up 13% over 2016 - the Bit Revolution is ready to raise the stakes for 2018 and has previewed information on the forthcoming timing and location at Social Media Week - one of Europe's leading marketing, communication and technology events, being held in Milan until tomorrow - to which its contributes with two high profile events on tourism. 

The three-day formula, from Sunday to Tuesday, has been confirmed and indeed moved to a period more in line with the needs of operators, especially incoming ones: from 11 to 13 February 2018. The fieramilanocity exhibition has becomes even more effective and easier to visit, having expanded into Halls 3 and 4, on two floors one above the other. The conference rooms, in the adjacent MiCo Conference Centre, may be accessed from the entrance gates at Porta Colleoni and Porta Teodorico. 
It is no coincidence that Social Media Week was chosen to reconnect with the Bit stakeholders: the Digital Advisory Board, made up of industry professionals and coordinated by the Digital Ambassador, Alex Kornfeind, is defining the topics of the next Bit, such as emotional marketing to attract new customers, new travel philosophies, and topics such as cybersecurity, smart cities for modern-day tourists, new policies, market trends in southern Italy, collaborative promotion of destinations, web usability, user experience, the world of food, and sports marketing. 

The sections introduced in 2017, such as the Leisure area, have been confirmed and expanded, and the MICE area will see the development of a specific project with the supervision of an Advisory Board, to ensure even greater specialization. The Wedding area will look to the adjoining Luxury segment, and once again there will be a focus on Bit4Job (matching supply and demand), A Bit of Taste (food and wine tourism) and BeTech (innovative solutions). Lastly, in the pursuit of a B2B focus, the new show confirms the adoption of a mixed format that includes events aimed at an audience of travellers, creating value-added synergies between the event and the city of Milan, an international point of reference in terms of lifestyle

The overall growth expected for Bit 2018 is underscored by a restyled image and a new logo, both welcomed by industry operators with renewed satisfaction: according to an independent survey conducted by GRS Explori, 89.3% of exhibitors say they are satisfied, and 87.4% consider the event important for their business. Among professional visitors, 75% state that they prefer the current location, confirming the importance of holding a tourism event in a city as lively and dynamic as Milan

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