samedi 14 décembre 2019

Marmomac The Italian Stone Theater 2020


9 December 2019 - It will be time to fill the space of The Italian Stone Theater, the Marmomac pavilion dedicated to Italian lithic excellence. Reflecting on the symbolic and intrinsic value of this element, the theme chosen for the 2020 edition is in fact Time is Stone, the theme of the exhibitions that will be set up under the direction of the curators Raffaello Galiotto, Vincenzo Pavan, Giorgio Canale and Paolo Criveller of ADI.
After water in 2018 and nature in 2019, time represents a natural extension of the themes that have characterized Pavilion 1 in recent years. Always at the center of philosophical and intellectual speculation, time is an immaterial aspect that is transformed into stone, which on the contrary is pure matter.
Time embraces everything in its flow and confronts itself with the space that welcomes it and somehow makes it real. An almost Hegelian concept according to which "time is the same concept that is there", that is the concept in the element of existence, of existence, therefore time becomes something physical and real, exteriorized, almost tangible as it is precisely the stone, a concrete element par excellence.
The new Pavilion 1 was presented to Verona companies last week. In the presence of Elena Amadini, Veronafiere Area Stone & Design exhibition manager, the curators in fact illustrated the general theme and subsequently presented the exhibitions, as always made by Italian stone, machinery and technology companies in collaboration with architects, designers and extra-sector brand. Tomorrow the presentation will be made to companies in the Carrara district on the occasion of a meeting at Palazzo Binelli in Carrara.
Alongside the traditional architecture exhibition, the appointment with Percorsi d'Arte is renewed - artists working stone with the help of machines - and Brand & Stone 3.0 - furniture-design brands that collaborate with companies to create marble products and stone to be included in their collections. Furthermore, two new exhibitions are planned, one of which will present young designers engaged in dealing with marble and machinery for the production of objects or stone works. The Wine Bar and the Ristorante d'Autore are also reconfirmed, two inevitable appointments to carve out the right time for a break from the frenzy of the fair.
What most distinguishes natural stone from artificial products is time, an intangible component held within the lithic body by an indissoluble bond. Telling the stone through time is a way to return to authenticity, to the inimitable truth that man, increasingly captured by appearance, needs to rediscover new territories of creativity.

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