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Myplant & Garden 2020

Myplant & Garden:
Italy: the gardening market is growing

The growth trend of the gardening market in Italy doesnt stop: +100 million Euros in two years (2017-2019).
The information are collected by
Myplant, International Green Expo that will take place at FieraMilano-Rho from 26 to 28 February 2020.
Milan-IT, November 2019 2,863 billion Euros is the value of sales in the Italian gardening market in 2019. According to our projections, the trend should be positive at least through 2022, say the organisers of Myplant, the biggest Italian trade-fair event dedicated to the gardening industry.
Gardening is more and more a urban phenomenon both in Italy and in the whole world sustained by new technologies, widespread and more digital sales networks, and a common feeling that reaches towards wellbeing, sustainability and personal gratification.
According to the data gathered by Myplant, the growth in the sales of organic vegetable products is steady, thanks both to the proliferation of environmental themes and to the increase of domestic kitchen gardens in the market there is a wider offer of aromatic and fruit plants and of organic fertilisers, side by side to the sale of compact kitchen gardens and of smart, remote-controlled, technologic systems.
Even though gardening is already a mature market in Italy, as well as in the rest of the world, urban gardening is now in bloom (just as it is also happening on the other sides of the ocean, in the USA, China and Japan above all). New construction projects include shared gardens and larger balconies, many cities support the creation of vertical green projects and green roofs.
The green call is contagious in a market that is quickly changing the concepts of urban agriculture and hobby gardening.
Wellbeing, health, sustainability, environment, dealing with urban stress seem to be the drives on which the growth of the green industry are based, also thanks to ergonomic and smaller tools with new-generation batteries.

What plants and flowers will be more fashionablenext year?
Little domestic jungles are growing.
Especially in the homes of millennials, otherwise called indoor generationor green generation. The New York Times has reported that 31% of indoor plant sales (decorative plants) in the USA were made by the younger generations.
New living trends, fusion between indoor & outdoor, smaller kitchen gardens, environmental inspiration and wellness are among the reasons of this phenomenon, that is even reaching the
workplace. The actual benefits are various: plants are good both on a psychological level and on an air-depuration level, because they absorb, metabolise and deactivate polluting substances particles or dangerous chemical elements present in office equipment and house products.

According to the information gathered by the Flower Council of Holland, the most searched-for plants in 2020 will be: January: Zamioculcas, February: Areca palm/Dypsis lutescens, March: Dendrobium, April: Campanula, May: Spatiphyllum, June: Calla, July: Celosia, August: Cactus, September: Strelitzia, October: Garden croton/Codiaeum variegatum, November: Sansevieria, December: Yucca.
The most popular flowers in 2020 will be:
: rose, February: chrysantemum, March: tulip, April: gerbera, May: Alstroemeria, June: Lilium, July: sunflower, Gladiolus, snapdragon/Anthirrinum majus, August: Dahlia, September: Hydrangea, October: Lisianthus, November: orchid, December: Amaryllis.
Cactuses exhibited at Myplant & Garden 2019
Myplant & Garden - International Green Expo
Fiera Milano - Rho Pero | 26-28 February 2020 | opening hours: 26-27/02: 9AM-6PM / 28/02: 9AM-5PM | cadence: annual | visitors: professional | operative secretariat: VG Crea, Milano, Tel. +39 (0)2.6889080. |
Press contact Ferdinando Crespi Ufficio Stampa
Myplant & Garden - International Green Expo
Myplant & Garden is the most important professional trade fair for horticulture, landscape and garden in Italy. It is a unique meeting point for the Italian industry, and a first-level protagonist for international markets. The trade fair promotes green culture, circular economy, environmental protection and green design.

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SICUREZZA, Europe's leading security and fire exhibition, and Smart Building Expo, the trade fair for technological integration, held in Fiera Milano from 13th to 15thNovember 2019, closed with 28,629 professional operators.
Numbers up 12% on the previous edition, with international attendance from 88 countries, of which the ten most represented were Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Croatia. An increase that proves how SICUREZZA is now recognized as a reference hub for professionals from all over Europe and the Mediterranean area.
The 619 exhibitors - +33% compared to the last edition, 30% from 37 foreign countries - presented product innovation and numerous previews to attentive and motivated professionals.
The deep evolution that the world of security and building automation is experiencing and the rapidly changing technological scenario have been the background to the three days of the exhibition.
Integrationdigitalisationsmart solutions confirmed to be the drivers of the exhibition proposals.
Security sees increasingly digital, wireless (so easy to install) and customized solutions for all areas of application - from home to city, up to industry, transport and entertainment - and expression of the most advanced technological research: biometrics, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, IoT are now widespread in all areas, from building automation to video surveillance, up to the world of access control.
As for building automation, the integration process and the potential of 5G have represented the topic linking the offering. Close cooperation between all technologies has eliminated the barriers between verticalizations. Building installations, building automation, audio-video systems, energy savings, digital platforms and telecommunications already work in synergy as parts of a single and dynamic system, based on intelligent management and the use of so-called big data.
Great success has also obtained the rich program dedicated to professional updating with the participation of over 4000 professionals.
More than 100 conferences and meetings - many of which have enabled operators to obtain training credits for various professional figures (industrial experts, engineers, installers, security operators) – have focused on the value of human resources and the central role of continuous training. The most topical issues for all sectors have been tackled by international experts, associations and academic institutions, with content that is highly appreciated at a time when the market is experiencing a real revolution.
Great interest also for the debutting Cyber Arena, the new exhibition, training and information area dedicated to the theme of Cyber Security and designed to help companies best manage IT threats.
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lundi 11 novembre 2019

Fieracavalli 2019

Fieracavalli 2019, une édition à 5 étoiles

Vérone, le 10 novembre 2019 - Fieracavalli, le salon international du secteur équestre, clôture sa 121e édition avec 168 000 visiteurs venus de plus de 60 pays, ce qui a entraîné une croissance supplémentaire (+ 5%) par rapport à 2018. Ethique et durabilité ont été les maîtres mots de quatre jours de la manifestation, qui a exprimé de manière transversale tous les secteurs liés au monde du cheval, du sport au tourisme équitable. 

Un aperçu en Italie qui compte 5 000 entreprises et exploitations liées directement à 48 000 employés directs, dont 19 000 éleveurs de plus de 510 000 équidés inscrits au registre italien.
Parmi les nouveautés, Fieracavalli Academy fera ses débuts officiels cette année. "Le projet éthique pluridisciplinaire qui réunit tous les acteurs du secteur - explique Maurizio Danese, président de Veronafiere - confirme le rôle central et le rôle moteur de Fieracavalli dans la diffusion d'une culture de plus en plus attentive au bien-être animal et à la durabilité environnementale. L’objectif - poursuit le président - est de promouvoir et de soutenir l’économie circulaire d’un secteur représentant au total 5 milliards d’euros ".

Connu par 43% de la population sur environ 3 millions d’Italiens qui ont déclaré l’avoir visité, Fieracavalli a enregistré des tendances qualitatives et quantitatives de plus en plus performantes.

"Les données profilées des visiteurs de cette édition - commente Giovanni Mantovani, directeur général de Veronafiere - nous redonnent un événement qui, d’une part, étend le bassin d’afflux italien avec de nombreuses nouvelles entrées régionales et, d’autre part, renforce la objectif commercial. En fait, pour la première fois cette année - poursuit Mantovani -, nous avons organisé avec Ice-Agenzia des réunions b2b avec plus de 50 acheteurs sélectionnés parmi les 18 premiers pays. Un effort qui confère aux actifs de Fieracavalli la capacité de combiner passion et développement économique dans un secteur qui retient également l’attention dans le programme politique ".
La prochaine édition de Fieracavalli est prévue du 5 au 8 novembre 2020.