jeudi 14 mai 2020

Marmomac, Healt safety protocol

In  relation to the current COVID-19 situation and in order to assure the safety of its customers, suppliers, guests and employees and in compliance with the provisions and dispositions already issued by political and health authorities, Veronafiere has defined a series of activities in addition to the Health Safety Plan to be implemented and applied during events scheduled in the Exhibition Centre.
These measures will be immediately updated/amended in relation to any new ordinances within an overall framework of constant monitoring enacted by Veronafiere, not the least through continuous dialogue with public and health authorities.
Veronafiere will ensure maximum possible visibility for these measures to protect health and safety through on-line and off-line communication, signs in the exhibition centre itself and dedicated personnel at the disposition of exhibitors and visitors.

The aim is to identify virtuous behaviour that, communicated through clear indications and shared by everyone, will allow us to conduct the business, exchanges and meetings typical of trade fair events in conditions of minimum risk and maximum effectiveness.

The guideline principles include:
Health Safety Plan with the adoption of the COVID19 protocol and specific medical teams. 
social distancing.
organization of access flows
the use of protection equipment.
sanitizing air, facilities and stands.
detection of body temperature at entrance gates.


Cleaning and sanitizing activities will be carried out during set-up and dismantling stages, as well as on event days themselves, through a protocol envisaging 3 levels of cleaning and assistance, the daytime event and also at night.
These activities will involve the halls, common areas, entrance gates, conference centres, bathrooms and areas where food is served.
In conference areas and any other areas where microphones are used, they will be subject to a specific change and sanitization protocol. In any case, all speakers will have their own microphones for the entire duration of the event.
Disinfectant gel dispensers will be available in the show halls, common areas, entrance gates and reception areas.

Serving food
As regards serving food, Veronafiere will comply with the specific regulations issued by public and health authorities.
In addition, Veronafiere is organizing an "on demand" delivery system to stands to provide exhibitors with a quick, efficient, quality and "safe" service.

Veronafiere show halls are equipped with all-air systems with control of all micro-climatic values: air temperature, humidity and purity.
These systems have technological and environment distribution characteristics that help ensure the correct number of air changes in relation to the size of the rooms and the number and comfort of people present.
Maintenance is entrusted to primary companies in the sector that meet legal requirements for routine and special maintenance as well as epidemiological safety through the use of bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal products.
In conjunction with the COVID-19 emergency, Veronafiere has undertaken additional action to safeguard its employees, visitors and customers by intensifying the frequency of the operations described together with the use of specific and approved products to combat COVID-19

First Aid Points
First Aid points will be identified on the ground plans for the event. They will be easy to reach and access and will be ready to intervene at the first appearance of any anomalous symptoms that may arise in the Exhibition Centre.
Specific action concerning COVID19 will be integrated in addition to routine First Aid activities, such as:
presence of medical and para-medical teams dedicated to health surveillance, and the implementation of first aid if suspect cases are found.
Specific health protocol for COVID19 emergency management
"Isolation room"

Measures will be introduced within the pavilions to encourage respect for social distancing as well as to provide constant monitoring of attendance.

In order to avoid gatherings of people or crowds and in compliance with social distancing, exhibitors must enforce the interpersonal safety distance currently set at 1 metre on their stands.
Exhibitors will be immediately notified of any different indications that may be issued by competent authorities.

For stands with 2, 3, or 4 open sides, it is strongly advisable to use flex to prevent access if maximum capacity is reached, as well as to create differential entrance/exit routes as well as to define in-out flows.
It is also advisable to adopt anti-droplet screens at customer reception desks and hospitality tables, as well as to make one or more disinfectant gel dispensers available.
At the time of writing, the use of masks in public is mandatory.
Furthermore, all exhibitors are invited to facilitate sanitization of spaces by personally sanitizing the surfaces of their stands whenever necessary (on average at least once an hour during show time). 


In order to prevent gatherings/crowds, Veronafiere will adopt a site saturation coefficient calculated from overall capacity and the square meters of set up areas together with government indications concerning the social distancing to be adopted.
As regards Marmomac, this overall figure (which includes exhibitors, workers, staff, visitors, etc.) is in any case higher than the overall attendance figure as such for previous editions.
This means that Marmomac will not have to apply restrictive quotas / reduce the number of people entering but simply redistribute them by rationalizing entrance in numerical and physical terms to ensure better management of flows and queues while upholding social distancing.
This will involve the following for the 2020 edition of the Show:
the closure of the ticket offices (there will only be a service for disabled and accompanying persons, as well as a service point)
when purchasing admission tickets online or validating invitation cards received from exhibiting companies, visitors operator must indicate the day / days for arrival and visiting the event:
each invitation card may be registered only for one individual person: in order to implement Covid-19 containment measures, the health protocol also defines the need, in the event of an outbreak of infection, to trace and identify people, their origin and gender in unequivocal terms.

Access procedures
The entrance gates used for Marmomac will be as follows: Cangrande, San Zeno and Re Teodorico; they will operate, through dedicated turnstiles, for in and out flows alike.
The entrance gates to the Exhibition Centre will be channelled and people will be counted; visitors will receive indications on the ticket of the access gate to be used: parking areas will be served by a non-stop shuttle service connecting with the three entrance gates.

At the entrance gates before entering the turnstiles, body temperatures will be detected: people with a temperature above 37.5 °C will not be allowed to enter the Exhibition Centre or attend the event.

The same procedure will also be applied to exhibitors, who will be able to use their access passes through any entrance.

Special emphasis will be given to vertical and horizontal communication highlighting the main safety precautions:
wash your hands often and/or disinfect them with gel
always wear a face mask
maintain social distancing of one metre
avoid gatherings/crowds
avoid handshakes, hugs and physical contact in general

Lastly, may we remind you that, especially in such unusual times as thes, it is absolutely necessary that the stand fitters chosen by exhibitors be aware of regulations governing set-up and dismantling activities, and that they therefore scrupulously adhere to the directives defined by competent authorities in terms of safety and hygiene, as well as those issued by Veronafiere concerning times and methods of access and permanence inside the Exhibition Centre.

Contact pour la France et le Maghreb : AeP Consultants Sarl :

mercredi 13 mai 2020

Rimini - Italian Exhibition Group


Rimini, 13 May 2020 - Trade fairs and participate in trade fairs in Italy in complete safety, in full compliance with health rules and protocols, protecting the health of companies and visitors.
The project launched by IEG Italian Exhibition Group is the #SAFEBUSINESS by IEG the exhibition and congress organizer based in Rimini and operating in Vicenza, Milan, Brescia, Rome, Arezzo and Naples, as well as in China, the United States and Dubai with companies connected.

Listed on the stock exchange, IEG designed this plan thanks to a work table with its exhibition and catering companies, technicians and international operators.

The project (at this link the complete document and the downloadable, publishable, royalty-free infographics focuses on each phase of the fair or congress experience.

“We have worked on this plan - says the CEO of IEG, Corrado Peraboni - with the desire to give a complete and reliable answer to the customers and the public who, today more than yesterday, ask us to be able to count on fairs and conferences to start again. We did it in line with the health rules against covid-19 and the documents drawn up by AEFI, FEDERCONGRESSI, UFI and EMECA which I thank for the constant presence on the topic ".

Over fifty indications are traced in the project downstream of a rigorous regulatory and organizational protocol.

Among others: sanitized shuttles between the airport, hotel and fair, equipped with disinfectants, with the obligation of masks on board and the programmed number of travelers; agreements with bike sharing companies and scooters, in agreement with hotels and local areas; ticket offices and online payments only, admissions programmed according to the capacity of the pavilions and opening hours of the extended fairs, mask distribution desk (mandatory to wear them and for the disabled, specific aids, such as transparent masks for IEG staff to facilitate the relationship with the deaf.), multiple entrances, safety corridors and distance signs, dematerialized access tickets, public controls with thermoscanner and sanitization path, cloakroom with automatic cycle and disposable covers.

mardi 5 mai 2020

MADE Expo 2021

MADE Expo, l'exposition internationale qui présente, en Italie, les excellences du monde de l'architecture et de la construction, célèbre en 2021 sa dixième édition et élargit son regard vers l'avenir de l'environnement construit. Le paradigme de la durabilité guide les choix de conception dans les nouvelles constructions et les projets de réaménagement où les zones résidentielles et de services sont remodelées pour répondre aux exigences d'une société dont les habitudes de vie et de mobilité changent.

Le changement est une énorme opportunité pour toutes les entreprises opérant dans la construction, qui se trouvent appelées à l'interpréter à l'aide de solutions techniques adaptées: MADE Expo 2021 est le lieu où les produits et solutions innovants pour le confort, la durabilité, la sécurité, la qualité et la vitesse de construction présentent leur valeur technique aux designers, aux entreprises et au monde national et international de la distribution.

La manifestation aura lieu à Fieramilano Rho du 17 au 20 mars 2021

Lors de la dernière édition en 2019 MADE Expo a enregistré :
900 exposants dont 20 % d’étrangers, sur une surface nette de 48.000m2
90.000 visiteurs dont 9 % d’opérateurs qualifiés en provenance de l’étranger.

Tous ces données démontrent que MADE Expo demeure le lieu incontournable pour les professionnels du secteur.

Vous trouverez, ci-dessous, le lien de la brochure où vous trouverez les informations sur la manifestation ainsi que les prix pour exposer.

Nous vous informons, aussi, que pour des inscriptions avant le 30 juin 2020, vous pouvez bénéficier des prix préférentiels sur le prix du m².

Si vous avez besoin plus d’information ou bien vous souhaitez exposer, veuillez nous contacter par mail ( en nous indiquant le secteur ainsi que le m² souhaités afin qu’on puisse vous envoyer le devis de participation.

Angelo Pavone
CEO AeP Consultants sarl
Chargé de Mission de MADE sur la France.