vendredi 24 juillet 2020

HOMI Fashio&Jewels - HOMI outdoor Home&Dehors

HOMI will meet you in Milan from September 19 to 22, 2020.

  •   FIERA MILANO PLATFORM. The new platform dedicated to the entire community of reference supply chains is here: for exhibitors, visitors, buyers, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders
  •   SUPPORT FOR SME. Easy access to credit thanks to partnerships with some of the major financial institutions
  •   PROTOCOLS. Guidelinesaimedatguaranteeingasafeandstreamlined return to business for the exhibition and convention industry

    Milan, 29 June 2020. Fiera Milano is ready to open its doors again from September, with the aim of promoting the country's economic recovery and supporting the growth and internationalisation of enterprise. Thanks to collaboration with a team of experts, working in synergy with the major players in the sector, Fiera Milano has worked on the preparation of a “Protocol for the containment of the spread of the new coronavirus” setting out concrete guidelines aimed at guaranteeing the resumption of the exhibition sector, in full compliance with current regulations and in consideration of the evolution of epidemic and the consequent provisions.

    The measures adopted by Fiera Milano, in compliance with the guidelines issued by the reference international associations UFI and EMECA, include not only the new entrance methods, but also a further refinement of the guidelines for managing visitor flows: from pre-registration to arrival at the exhibition and convention districts, as well as larger, regular, structured routes that can guide the visitor within the halls, common areas and refreshment points.

    This new beginning is accompanied by the launch of Fiera Milano Platform, a new platform dedicated to the entire community of reference supply chains: for exhibitors, visitors, buyers, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders. An innovative, integrated system which, from September, will focus even more attention on the network that revolves around each exhibition, simplifying interaction between buyers and companies. 

    The project envisages an ecosystem of services: solid strengthening of the contents of the event's websites and social media profiles, to present trends and products with pictures and reports by those involved, a synergy between face-to-face and digital meetings (with lots of webinars), and redesigned catalogues for the presentation and sale of exhibitors' products. There will also be a detailed digital map of the event, allowing remote access and real-time direct negotiations. The event becomes “phigital”, thanks to the creation of new formats that are simultaneously digital and accessible to a live audience.

Marmomac Restart Digital 2020

Webnar : MARMOMAC RESTART DIGITAL 2020  Verona 30 Septembre / 2 Octobre 2020
Contact France & Maghreb : AeP Consultants - mail
A new project for the leading international trade fair specifically for marble and natural stone that confirms its 2020 edition as scheduled next 30 September-3 October
Marmomac 2020 will take place and confirms its coming edition as scheduled next 30 September-3 October with a special project called “Marmomac Re-Start 2020”.
The new project has been studied to present a well-designed and different event, with a new layout exploiting part of the exhibition center involving some of the Halls and outside areas, thereby being able to use the new, multi-function Re Teodorico entrance gate.
Marmomac is working to implement the existing services with digital solutions in order to support the dissemination of content – both inside the stands and outside the trade fair as such – and virtual interaction between operators, even where difficult situations as regards mobility and exclusion from physical meeting opportunities may still persist. Not-to-be-missed appointments especially include The Italian Stone Theatre, which will be moved to a new area specifically reserved for this event. This Theatre of Excellence in Natural Stone – that turns Marmomac into a source of talent and creativity as well as home to culture and knowledge related to natural stone – will once again be an important driving force for the Made in Italy business.
In addition to these proven and actual conditions, there is also the need to look towards a new future for the recovery of the economy in this sector, which must be rebuilt as of today and precisely through Marmomac which, as the world’s largest natural stone industry community, ranks as the preferential platform and occasion for re-launching the sector and the trade fair system.
The decision to confirm the 2020 edition became possible after careful evaluation of the progressive resumption of international mobility, the imminent regional authorization for the trade fair, the confirmation of the International Incoming Plan prepared by ICE and analysis of visitors to Marmomac which, combining those from Italy and the Schengen area, will come to more than 40,000 trade operators.
The objective of Marmomac Re-Start is to ensure a 2020 edition in total safety also hallmarked by resumption where customers, exhibitors and operators all start off again together, as well as a response to the challenge that the largest natural stone sector community is called upon to tackle.

vendredi 17 juillet 2020

jeudi 9 juillet 2020

Wine2Wine Exhibition

Nous vous informons que sont officiellement ouvertes les inscriptions pour le nouvel événement : Wine2Wine Exhition qui se tiendra à Veronafiere du 22 au 24 novembre 2020.

Un événement au format agile et innovant pendant 3 jours, un layout "smart" complètement pré-equipé.  En cliquant sue le lien ci-dessous, vous pouvez découvrir l'offre : (prix +surface + aménagement du stand) pour un module de 12m2

La manifestation occupera 3 Halls (9, 10,12) et accueillera 700 stands.

Un parcours par zones thématiques et géographiques pour permettre la narration des principales dénominations et type de vins.

Une opportunité stratégique et concrète d'affaires et de comparaison, conçue pour le monde B2B et B2C 

Wine2Wine Exhibitions, en attendant Vinitaly 2021, se positionne comme le point de rencontre entre opérateurs,  professionnels, journalistes et opinion leaders du marche national et international du vin.

Si vous êtes intéressé à participer à Wine2Wine Exhibition laissez-nous un message (MP) ou bien envoyez nous un mail à l'adresse suivante :

AeP Consultants Sarl

vendredi 3 juillet 2020

MADE EXpo 2021

Fiera Milano à partir de septembre rouvre les portes du Parc des Expositions en toute sécurité: 
MADE Expo, prévu du 17 au 20 mars 2021, représentera de plus en plus le lieu de rencontre incontournable de visiteurs et des exposants du secteur, la manifestation sera un moment où toute la communauté du bâtiment aura l'occasion de recommencer, et au au cours duquel il sera possible de raconter et de découvrir l'innovation, de partager des produits, de consolider des relations, de recommencer à générer le busires dont le secteur de la construction a absolument besoin.

jeudi 2 juillet 2020

Fieracavalli 2020

Fieracavalli  -Sont ouvertes les inscriptions pour la 122ème édition de Fieracavalli prévue à VeronaFiere du 5 au 8 (4 jours) et du 13 au 15 (3 jours) novembre 2020.

Pour ceux qui sont intéressés à exposer ou bien à visiter le salon, veuillez nous contacter en message privé.