samedi 31 août 2013

Smart Energy Expo - Verona 09/11 October 2013

Veronafiere, with the technical partnership EfficiencyKNow, present the first international trade show on energy efficiency.

From 9 to 11 October, at the Fiera di Verona, making their debut are Smart Energy Expo and Verona Efficiency Summit.

Smart Energy Expo is the first international event on energy efficiency and white- green economy.
The aim of the Smart Energy Expo is to become a National and European reference point for technology, solutions and products based on a modern rational energy policy, from production to distribution, to the smart use of energy

A brand new showroom at the trade show, which aims to feature the new requirements related to the world of rational and efficient use of energy, offers a set of issues with a high technological content essential in the light of the European Union’s ambitious targets in 2020; reducing the primary energy consumption by 20 percent, achieving a quota of 20 percent for final energy consumption coming from renewable sources and at the same time reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent with respect to 1990 levels.

The October 2012 National Energy Strategy has identified a path and its priorities: energy efficiency is potentially the national "primary source" of energy that can be developed immediately.

The decrees of 28 December 2012 have established that incentives will be given for the production of thermal energy from renewable sources and small operations of energy efficiency. The measures also led the national quantitative targets of energy saving that electricity and gas distribution companies will have to seek from 2013 to 2016 and those relating to the expansion of white certificates mechanism.

Energy efficiency conveys an engineering approach to the processes that utilize energy in its various forms to make them efficient and that favor a utilization of renewable sources that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The whole industrial sector will be featured in a transversal and complete manner, not only photovoltaic but, systems for monitoring and intelligent management of electricity, heat and water, building insulation, high efficiency cogeneration, biomass and electric cars. The layout of the trade show’s pavilion will be color coordinated into 6 commodity macro-categories: energy generation, building efficiency, plant efficiency, energy&home ICT (information & Communication Technology), smart cities and communities. These categories then overlap, with the key sectors in which they can operate in: agriculture, building, industrial, commercial, public administration and residential.

Smart energy Expo, therefore, is characterized as a B2B expo, an exclusive meeting point between supply and demand, as demonstrated also in its choice of working days. The event will be a showcase for the sector’s professionals and operators but will also be an open event where final consumers, industrial, private citizens and public administrators can go to understand, evaluate and choose tools and undertake concrete and convenient actions in order to be efficient.

Veronafiere put forth a smart and innovative high-tech matching tool, Catalog 2.0: a tool, which gives the opportunity to business’ and visitors to build close relationships before, during and after the event, all thanks to a QR code on the stand and electronic totem, allowing one to create on their smartphone or tablet a personalized catalog, with a guided path ad hoc profiling at the same time buyers as a further guarantee of the quality of the visit. Finally, the Catalog 2.0, allows business’ a perspective of sharing and provides a system to take advantage of the whole energy industry.

The trade show has already received endorsements, not only from GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici), but also from the University of Verona and Padua, the province of Verona and the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea.

The trade show also avails itself of its collaboration with a prestigious Scientific Committee, composed of: Dr. Edoardo Battisti, Prof. Massimo Beccarello, Prof. Roberto Benato, Prof. Luigi De Paoli, Ing Tullio Fanelli, Prof. Arturo Lorenzoni, Ing Alessandro Ortis, Ing. Marco Pezzaglia, Dr. Fausta Rosaria Romano, Prof. Federico Testa.

For any further information, please contact : Angelo Pavone – email